Safety is No Accident
CEG Safety Can Help

What is CEG Safety and why is it a game changer?

Our Commitment to Safety

CEG Safety is a one stop shop for our Host Employers, Apprentices and CEG staff to access safety information that will keep us all safe.

As part of our safety commitment, we actively assess safety in our client’s businesses to ensure our people can work safely at all times. 
Businesses must meet the high safety standards we require, before being able to host our apprentices, trainees and labour-hire people.

Being smarter in safety is not an option, it’s a must. 

About Career Employment Group
Career Employment Group is a not for profit organisation that has provided recruitment, training and employment solutions to the communities of South Australia for over 30 years.

At CEG we aspire to achieve Zero Harm to our workers, apprentices, contractors, partners, the community and the environment.

CEG Safety is an initiative we have launched to provide valuable safety information to our host employers to help them become safer, compliant and more productive.

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