How to use the SmartKit - A Free CEG Client Tutorial

SmartKit - Free to CEG Host Employers!

To get started on building your new safety system, talk to CEG and they will create a unique login for you to get started. For new employers not with CEG, Now is the time to get serious and take your business to the next level without breaking the bank or tieing yourself in knots!

Your CEG support person will supply with your username and password and then you can watch the video below and follow along at your pace as you learn all about this great safety management system. Remember to contact us if you need any help. We’re here to help!


What's in the SmartKit?

In the SmartKit, you will find all the essential tools you need to become compliant.

  • The ability to create and modify safety systems based on what you do and the ability to modify them as your circumstances change.
  • You can have multiple safety systems for different activities.
  • You can download, save and print all the forms and procedures you need and they will all have your own identification built right into each document for review and management

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