Understanding the SmartKit documents - A Quickstart Guide

Key Information

This part of the website focuses on the documents that will be downloaded as part of each individual SmartKit Safety Management Plan. These documents can seem a little overwhelming at first, but we have made them easier to understand by:

  • Grouping them into categories as you can see below.
  • Keeping related Procedures, Forms and Checklists together where appropriate such as the Hazardous Chemicals.
  • Creating information hotspots on documents to tell you what each section means to you.

When you are looking at these documents, it is essential that you understand the principles of each one. All of the example documents in this section are identical to what you will receive when you download your own documents apart from the name and document revision information.

Although there are up to 60 possible documents you could download, many won’t be included because they are not related to your specific business. On average you will get 40 or so documents and these often are related to each other as explained in the tutorial.

Therefore they are grouped together in the lessons below where appropriate. The procedures will highlight which associated documents are included in them.

Before You Start

These example documents can be reviewed in any order.

Once you have understood and read all the information and understand it, click the MARK COMPLETE button at the bottom to acknowledge you have understood all aspects of the documents.

This information will be passed on to CEG as an acknowledgement of this completion. Do not mark anything complete if you have any doubt and contact CEG for any further clarification required.

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